China calling. PubCoder closes a funding round with Chinese enterpreneurs at 4.9 post money valuation.

Aumento di capitale Cina

PubCoder has two new Chinese partners who have been keen on working with us to innovate the school. We are aware that China's numbers are huge, so we are making a small step to move in the right direction. The road will be tough and difficult, a steep climb, but we are ready to face this process which is one of the areas with the greatest growth potential and for which we have developed specific features. The idea is to become the reference platform for all content creators , a link between creators, publishers, teachers and students, so that the process of digital media transformation of teaching materials can be encouraged. 

Thank you H-FARM who supports us from the first day with competence and friendship. An increase in capital (this is the third we have since we started) represents a stage of a long and tiring journey. There are dozens of better businessmen than us who silently, every day, carry their work around the world: today we celebrate, tomorrow, silently, we try to imitate them.

Press release 

Paolo Giovine

Paolo brings his extensive knowledge of the publishing industry and leads the team making sure everyone adhere to the company’s vision. Before co-founding PubCoder Paolo was a Partner at H-Farm Ventures, and spent more than 11 years in senior roles within the Espresso Group, one of the the biggest media companies in Italy. Among others, he was the general manager for the Radio and TV business, and CFO of Kataweb, the group’s Internet unit. He is also investor in a few startups: Timbuktù, MiSiedo, Responsa, Henable, Curious Hat, Conversa.

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